We supply the best-processed food items such as various types of cookies, burgers, meatballs, pasta, and samosa to name a few. This is done in collaboration with various world-class manufacturers and their franchises. The processed food is thoroughly quality checked and assured before we undertake it for supplying them to you, the various supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Processed Foods

We supply the best-processed meat to you, which is quality checked and assured.

We supply savory nuggets to you, which is quality checked and this can be offered to your customers without any fear.


We supply high-quality meatballs to you, the food stores, Bakalas, Supermarkets, and hypermarkets in Saudi Arabia.


We supply the best meat pate’ that can be grilled in barbeques and can be used as burger meat, which is quality checked and assured to you, which you can offer to your customers.


The delicious samosa we supply to you can be offered to your customers for a delicious experience.

Ready to eat?

We accommodate a variety of dietary preferences and
our entire menu is free of gluten and peanuts.

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