We cater to all your grocery needs by supplying and delivering quality products to your nearest food stores as well as supermarkets and hypermarkets. The fresh produce we bring in has ensured the quality your customers are looking for. The chilled and frozen grocery items we supply to you are quality checked and assured.


The high-quality grocery items we supply help you to offer your customers with the best food materials.

We supply the essential sauces of different varieties. The quality-approved sauces give your customers, the much-needed flavor they are looking for.


We supply the freshest of all olives and pickles to you, the food stores, Bakalas, supermarkets, and hypermarkets in Saudi.


We supply yummy jams, jellies, and various spreads to you, which are quality controlled, checked and assured.


We supply the sweetest and medicinal syrupy liquid obtained from nature, the honey. This gives an option for you to offer the best honey in Saudi, to your customers.


Thick syrups and natural as well as artificial sweeteners of high quality are supplied by us to you, the various food stores in Saudi Arabia.


We supply delicious Belgian, as well as Swiss chocolates along with chocolate syrups and infused foods that are of supreme quality.


We supply all types of non-alcoholic beverages to you, the food stores, Bakalas, supermarkets, as well as hypermarkets.


Different varieties of cooking oils such as vegetable oil, canola oil, and olive oil are supplied by us to various supermarkets, hypermarkets, and Bakalas.


We supply quality checked and assured ghee to you so that you can offer the best in Saudi to your customers.


We supply salt in abundance to various food stores and supermarkets. This important food ingredient is quality checked and assured.

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We accommodate a variety of dietary preferences and
our entire menu is free of gluten and peanuts.

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