We are known to offer and supply good quality dairy products and different types of eggs. We supply these products to various food stores, Bakalas, supermarkets, and hypermarkets in Saudi Arabia. These products have been preserved well after the quality checking process before we supply all across Saudi.

Dairy Products and Egg

We supply various supreme dairy products and eggs, to your customers through you.
Milk Products are a delicate and delicious product, which needs to be maintained with high quality. We supply a variety of milk products including Cream, Yogurts, Butter, Cheese, and other related products. We have ensured that the milk products we offer are safe to sell. As we have collaboration with dairy farmers, we get good & high-quality products that get churned from milk. We ensure that the products we obtain are of great quality through our testing processes. The certifications we have obtained have ensured the authenticity of our quality control & assurance processes. With us providing milk products that are safe to sell, it can rest assured that as a retailer you get the best that you are looking for. Safe Quality Food (SQF) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) are the certifications we have, which gives you the guarantee of great quality.

The milk is obtained from fresh farms, which we supply to you, the supermarkets, all across Saudi.


The condensed milk we supply to your stores is very safe to sell and from proper storage areas.


The premium cheeses that we provide and supply have been aged appropriately, before supplying to various stores in Saudi.


The first-rate butter that we supply helps you in providing the products to your customers in Saudi.

As eggs can get spoiled if the chicken, duck, or quail are not treated properly, we ensure the eggs we get are from good hygienic poultry farms. We look into it that, the eggs we provide are safe & healthy and which has undergone quality testing. We must make sure the eggs we provide comply with the guidelines mandated by Safe Quality Food (SQF). The shelf-life of eggs are determined and mentioned for the safety of customers. We have collaborations with poultry, duck, and quail farms from which we obtain eggs that are of good quality. By making sure it is packaged properly, we ensure the durability of eggs. It will surely stay intact until you sell them.

The eggs we supply and deliver are of good quality, which helps you to offer good products to your customers.

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our entire menu is free of gluten and peanuts.

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